Every year, we, the Rattlers Music Parent Association, likes to kick off the music season with a letter from us, to you, outlining who we are and what we do and what we need. This year has gotten off to an unprecedented start … and … no one really knows all that is still in store for us! Not only are there uncertainties due to Covid, but there are changes happening on the school campus as well. This means that this year, there is little that is “business as usual.”

We are all feeling our way through and doing what we can, but that doesn’t change what will always be true:

As an integral members of the RMPA, you will witness the friendship, commitment, and perseverance on the part of the dynamic students, who display dedication to their music as well as becoming a close community of musicians. All of it happens with the continuing great leadership and inspiration from our Director, Ms. Kraft.

Together, we will accomplish great things!

Yet… the success of the music season cannot be fully realized without the support and presence of you, the parents and friends of the RMPA. It takes a village, and what a Joyful one this is to be a part of!

We need your help! … and … We want your presence!

Following are things we’d typically need during the school year:

~ Time ~

Bring your muscles and help set-up/tear-down events and move equipment

Uniforms, for all music groups, need fitting and alterations

Marching Band and Color Guard need props designed and built

Chaperones needed for off-site events, field trips and festivals *

~ Food and Drink ~

For Marching events, we always need cases of bottled Water and snacks like Nature Valley Oat-Honey granola bars, Fig Bars, and assorted Chips **

For Concerts and end of season Banquets, contributions for food and drink are welcome and appreciated

~ Cash Donations ~

RMPA provides food for tailgates before games as well as snacks and water

For RMPA expenses such as: administrative costs (insurance, website, p.o.box, etc…); props for marching band/color guard; senior gifts; award plaques; hosting end of season Banquets; etc…

We appreciate your help and participation to make this a Great Season!

Please let us know how you can help! Check back here, on our website, for updated info about all that the RMPA does!

Email us at rattlersmusicparentassoc@gmail.com

With Gratitude from your RMPA Board

President: Christy Sensharma

VP Band: Angele Michael . VP MBand: Cheryl Savage . VP Choir: (vacant)

VP Orch: Dawn Short . Secretary: Stacey Ableman . Treasurer: William Cook

‘* In order to Chaperone, please go to the PVUSD district website and complete the necessary paperwork. The district will do a background check and take fingerprints to keep on file as well.

‘** WATER ONLY. Sugary and/or energy drinks are extremely damaging to the instruments, especially horns and woodwinds. Also, all food must be NUT FREE.