What’s New?

Hello to everyone who supports the Rattlers Music Parent Association and all the amazing student musicians of the Music Program!

It’s been an unprecedented Spring Semester with the life-altering and world changing event of COVID-19. We miss you all and hope we’ll be back together in the fall.

We are especially sad for the seniors who’ve worked so hard, and who are currently missing out on their last days of HS. We can’t wait to hear what you all have planned next in your lives. We hope you’ll stop by in the fall!

Congratulations to our Seniors for Your Many Accomplishments! We send you Best Wishes for Continuing Success as you embark on your next phase!

This website was begun many years ago…. then sort of languished. Now that there is “time at home”, I’ve had time to resurrect and update it. It is a work in process and will probably see more changes before it’s really where we’d like it, but I wanted to share it now anyway.

I hope that this website will become a useful communication tool between the RMPA Board and the families and friends of the Music Program.

Keep an eye out for announcements about upcoming events and general meetings and other information.

Please poke around through the website and send us an email with any questions or suggestions you might have – the RMPA would love your input.

Email us anytime at rattlersmusicparentassoc@gmail.com